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Siddharth Sivaraman

Dastan Games

Siddharth is an Indie Game Developer based out of Bangalore and part of the two man Indie studio - “Dastan Games”. He graduated with a degree in Electronics Engineering in 2010 from BITS Goa, and worked for a few years in a software startup as a programmer. In late 2014 he quit his job to make games with his friend from college Abhineet.

Siddharth played a lot of video games when he was very young such as Aladdin, Prince Of Persia, Commander Keen etc. He then took a long break from gaming until a few years ago when he was introduced to the wonderful world of Indie games. He love games that are about more than just gameplay, which have a meaning or message that goes beyond the game-play experience. His goal is to build such games and express his ideas through them