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Rohith Bhatt


‘Dream big, achieve big’ is soft-spoken Rohith Bhat’s mantra. Rohith founded Robosoft as a development centre for Mac in 1996, when the world was almost writing Apple off. This ‘zig while the world zags’ spirit is also evident in building a world-class software development company out of Udupi, India. In 2008, he ventured into mobile app development, building apps for marquee brands across the globe.

He has forged excellent relationships with leading global companies and is a firm believer in ‘made in India, for the world’. His entrepreneurial spirit continued when he started 99Games and Global Delight as subsidiaries focusing on building their own IPs - many of them global hits.

Fond of movies, emerging technologies and gadgetry, Rohith loves traveling and exploring cities around the world. He dotes on his 8-year old daughter with whom he bonds over games and long Sunday drives.