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Marcus Toftedahl

University of Skovde, Sweden
Game Designer, Lecturer, Researcher

Marcus Toftedahl is a games researcher, developer and lecturer at the University of Skövde, Sweden. His main competences lies within game design and narrative design, both from a development and research perspective. His main research interests are within serious games, gamification and the processes found behind game development - all from an inclusive game development perspective. Marcus has worked at the University of Skövde since 2009 and has since he started co-developed the world's first full concentration game writing education at University level as well as teaching game design and game production in general. Marcus have led multiple game development projects as a part of the University's digital game research, focusing mostly on using games in public spaces. Since summer of 2016 Marcus is focusing on his PhD project in Socio-technical systems researching the mechanisms behind being a local game developer in a global industry.