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Manisha Nagpal

Dharma Life Science
Chief Science Officer

Being a Chief Science Officer at the age of 25 comes with a lot of responsibility and commitment but I am glad I got this opportunity young as there is so much to learn and contribute.

I am a clinical psychologist by profession. Have completed my masters degree in clinical psychology (Gold Medalist) from Christ University in the year 2014. Through the years, I have had the opportunity to examine the foundational and current theories in psychology and neuroscience and gain insight into human thoughts, feelings and behaviours. My ultimate goal is to train and develop programs for students like life skills training programs for them which would enhance their social/psychological wellbeing and promote factors which enhance overall performance and their holistic development. I firmly believe that change starts with the youth.

Specialties: Clinical psychology, integration of technology and psychology, neuroscience, psych diagnostic assessment, child psychology, developmental psychology, learning and development and education.