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Gopi Ambikapathi

Dharma Life Science
Senior Research Scientist

A passionate pursuer of science who always believes in employing unique and unconventional multidisciplinary approach to analyse and solve problems. I did my masters in Biochemistry and doctoral degree in Neuroscience from Dept. of Biotechnology Bangalore University. I am currently researching on different behavioural traits which are necessary to attain basic life goals and also to achieve success in their respective fields. I have been involved in designing innovative activities which are a blend of neuroscience, psychology and biochemistry, to rewire the neural networks for a particular trait. These activities are performed through an app and the progress is monitored and further guided by the mentors. It’s a challenge to come up with a neural pattern for a trait and develop a game based on these neural pattern, which I enjoy. I had a small tenure at Biocon where I learnt the concept of pharmaceutical research. I have worked in NIMHANS as a senior research fellow in the department of neurochemistry which laid a foundation to pursue my career in the field of neuroscience. My future goal is to apply the concepts of neuroscience to other fields such as gaming, marketing & analytics and increase their efficiency.