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Dhruv Jani

Studio Oleomingus
Dhruv Jani
Dhruv is an author at, and the Co-founder of, Studio Oleomingus.
A two person independent game studio, that operates as an open collaborative.

He works on experimental games that explore how stories might be told through interactions within rule-sets.
Their principal project is an anthology called : Somewhere, a game about the search for a mythical city in an alternate Colonial India.

Dhruv's work at Oleomingus is currently being supported by a grant from the India Foundation for the Arts. And he has created and exhibited games at
Khoj International Arts association Delhi, CONA in Mumbai, SIDE at Peral Academy in Jaipur and for Sketchup in Denver.
His work has also been featured as a part of Kill Screen's emergent series, Intel's IQ display, and across several other videogame-media.