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Kamlaker Dev Singh

Tata Interactive Systems
Technical Director

Kamlaker is the Technical Director at Tata Interactive Systems, Mumbai. His 10+ years of experience in the field of Games and Immersive Applications, coupled with his technical background, bring a unique flavor to the field of Game Development.


A once bright Aerospace Engineering graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology, he was seduced and led astray by the evil world of Games and Simulations, and has been chasing that elusive cutting edge of technology ever since then. The merry chase has led him through the dungeons of Virtual and Augmented Reality, the desolation of Smart Surfaces, the smelly swamps of Gesture and Location based applications, the unholy unions of Software and Hardware interfaces in the undead lands of Arduino, and many more unspeakable horrors, which cannot be mentioned here because of legal reasons.


When not buried up to his neck in work, he can usually be found at a local cafe, pretending to read a book with an interesting title, or leeching the free WiFi and cooking up some mischief.