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Dr. Souvik Mukherjee

Presidency University, Kolkata
Assistant Professor of English Literature

Dr Souvik Mukherjee obtained his PhD from Nottingham Trent University, UK on videogames and storytelling and has been researching this topic from 2001, the very early days of Games Studies as a discipline worldwide and certainly, its very beginning in India. Souvik’s main interests are time, endings and the portrayal of Indian concepts (such as karma) in videogames. His book Videogames and Storytelling: Reading Games and Playing Books has been published in 2015 by Palgrave Macmillan and he is now working on his second book project. His other interests are postcolonialism in videogames and ancient Indian board-games. He is currently an executive board-member of the Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA).

When he is not lost in the Capital Wasteland or exploring the corners of Novigrad, Souvik is an Assistant Professor of English Literature at Presidency University, Kolkata. He blogs (ir)regularly at http://readinggamesandplayingbooks.blogspot.com/